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How to Order Foundations for Literacy

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We will send all attendees who register for the two-day training workshop an order form to purchase Foundations for Literacy. Sign up on our training page.

Foundations for Literacy curriculum includes:

  1. A 390 page manual with a scope and sequence, instructional strategies, and daily lesson plans for the year-long intervention. Lesson plans include teacher and student objectives and provide a full description of daily activities.Foundations Materials
  2. A set of essential, reusable materials that are key to the implementation of the intervention. These include 700 pages printed on high quality cardstock, one bound My Practice Book, and 26 reading booklets.
  3. A jump drive containing pdf files of the essential, reusable materials, additional materials for practice activities, parent pages in English and Spanish for every unit, and ASL videos of unit stories and songs.
  4. Access to a website that contains demonstration videos, frequently asked questions, and a teacher blog.

Total Cost. $425.00

Questions about ordering the curriculum should be directed to Dr. Amy Lederberg


Foundations Wallpaper 2.jpg