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Fingerspelling Our Way to Reading is an evidence-based, supplementary literacy program specifically developed for deaf and hard-of-hearing students from kindergarten through second grade. The 5-day per week program includes a variety of fun and engaging fingerspelling and reading activities.  There are two components to this program:

  • The 3-day per week Fingerspelling Our Way to Reading component enhances phonological awareness of fingerspelled words, which increases expressive and receptive fingerspelling skills and identification of printed words.
  • The complementary 2-day per week Fingerspelling Our Way to Reading component focuses on reading comprehension. It provides additional reading opportunities using fingerspelling words in sentences and stories that are developed through each unit.

17 schools and  over 45 classroom teachers across the country have successfully implemented Fingerspelling Our Way to Reading in bilingual and total communication classrooms. We have evidence that it is effective in improving children’s ability to decode words and strengthening print recognition by building fingerspelling phonological awareness.

To implement Fingerspelling Our Way to Reading at your school, you will start with a full-day training. Following the training, you will be able to purchase the program materials. Contact us to get started!


Project Manager
Nancy Bridenbaugh

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